After my father’s death, my family went to Darryll to sell his home. Darryll handled all the details with intelligence and grace. While considering selling my home through a difficult time in my life, Darryll was there when I needed him. Darryll has been a very good realtor through this last 1 ½ years of uncertainty and disappointment. When I needed statistics, information, numbers, laws, regulations, tax rules, encouragement, support or hope he helped… he gave of himself freely. I felt open to share my personal finances with him. He showed me homes I could afford in the area I wanted to live. He visited my home and calmed my fears by taking time to discuss problem issues, go over paperwork and details of what I would need to do to sell my home. It was so calming to have someone like Darryll hold my hand through the uncertainty of moving or not moving. He talked personally to my lawyer when things were over my head and too painful for my heart. He handled the details. I thank Darryll for being there for me when I needed assistance not only in business but in my personal life as well.

Sunny Nunes