House Rehab
Need Direction? We’ll give it to you. Uncompleted projects can mean missed opportunity at keeping up with the values in the market. Our Rehab report will give you order and a path to happiness.

Color Challenged?
This is more serious than funny and can sometimes be the pit of frustration with many homeowners. Let us take a look at your home and give you a color scheme report that best fits your décor.

Flow baby Flow:
Nothing speaks more to guests or potential buyers than a house that flows well and has everything in its proper place. This means stuff on the floor as well as on the walls. We diagram your home layout and the shape of objects that best fit those areas and give that to you in a tidy report.

Subdividing land/Building more space to live in:
We work with and know the top architects and general contractors in the area. We assist you in creating the perfect game plan to accommodate your family and the others you might be planning for.

Forming limited Liability partnerships:
Whether for tax purposes in a business endeavor of for investing in Real Estate, we turn around the completed filed partnership in one week.

Loss of a loved one/change in marital status:
This means planning for the future and does not always mean moving; however it does mean tax planning in either case as well some level of organization with records. Don’t get caught off guard. Each year we help families compile the right documents and create a “Priority Documents file.” Important document impaired? No problem.

Why That Charge?
Need to understand the A-Z about loans and never had someone take care of that with you? We will explain the nuances of all types of loans and even explain yours to you in an easy to understand report.

Pre-list, pre-inspection, pre-decision
Just need to bounce ideas off someone in the business? Okay, we can work with that as well.