There are so many factors to consider when you are buying a home. I find that a good strategy is to focus on a few key issues. Why do you want to buy a home? What is the goal? What style of home or builder do you prefer? Are you interested in up scaling or downsizing? What is the purpose of moving?

Once we have mapped out a strategy that works for you, we will search through the listings (MLS), look at referrals from other agents, look at my personal database of homebuyers and home sellers, and then begin the process. During that process, I can also help you find the right lender for your purchase. Working closely with me, that lender can find the best solution for your needs.

And if this is your first purchase, remember that the tax benefits can be advantageous from where you are now, and that is a real good thing!

Want to know even more about purchasing a home? Email me and I can send you a ‘Homebuyers Handbook’ that can answer more of your questions.