When a job transfer required the sale of our home in California I knew Darryll Whaley was the best option and the only phone call I needed to make. Having worked for him on the first Walnut Creek Half Marathon in 2011 (He was the Race Organizer) it was evident that his attention to detail and leadership skills make him effective. Many good realtors can sell your house but with Darryll I never had to worry if he was on top of things or not. He kept me updated along the way.

There are no standard real estate transactions and ours was no exception. Darryll knew how to navigate the common and uncommon issues that involved lenders, mortgage servicers, inspectors, other agents, and offers from 10 buyers. The house closed this month and since we had already left the country I really needed someone to help wrap things up in my absence. Darryll didn’t disappoint. He’s actually a better all around guy than he is a realtor and his professional services were very much appreciated.

Steve Dobrenski