We recently moved abroad for a three year delegation with Siemens and decided to rent our home in Concord , Ca while we were away. Siemens provided us with a management service on the East Coast, but we needed a local realtor who would handle the details of caring for the property. Darryll willingly accepted this responsibility and has done an excellent job. We have been impressed with how well Darryll has worked with the company on the East Coast assigned to help us and how efficiently he has managed our tenants and property. Darryll has always been able to find a solution quickly with minimal effort on our part whenever there has been a problem. His connections with needed service companies and individuals in the area has helped greatly when we needed repairs or work done at the house. He keeps us well informed about the property and offers insightful and trustworthy suggestions when they are needed. It is never easy to leave your home while living abroad. Yet, Darryll has made this an easy process for us. He is positive, resourceful, hard-working and trustworthy. We appreciate his efforts on our behalf and recommend him without reservation to anyone in need of his services.

Scott & Mary Fredericks