Heinz Family at Canyon Crest March 2009


“Real Estate Is Both Art & Science.”  I think I have used that line so many times that people tend to think that I have my favorite lines.  Well, it is actually a true statement and a favorite.  Scott Heinz, a close and long time friend of mine who knows how to run the numbers, knew what they could afford in buying a home.  And he wanted to maximize his dollar while at the same time, find a home that had character.  He wanted a home that was architecturally stunning; large enough to entertain, work out in, and have an office.  He wanted a backyard that made them feel like they were in the great outback, and was located in a neighborhood where everyone had a sense of respect for their own home and their neighbors.Scott put the collar on me and let me around showing me what fit his taste and most of the homes were in a stratosphere that didn’t coincide with his limit.  Scott was shopping uptown by as much as 150K over what they could afford, and I knew it and respected it.  He wanted to buy a home today at tomorrow’s dollar, and since we are in a declining market, wanted to let the owners of these homes know that we were serious about buying but were not going to accept their list price.The science part of real estate Scott had figured out and it was our collective job to find the art in a home that spoke to Scott and Kate’s taste. Not 20 homes later did we find a home located in a newer yet established neighborhood that fit the picture frame perfectly and we made what seemed to be an offer that would curl anyone’s toes.  But think of it, 120 days on the market, no offers.  Then you receive an offer that has terms that are almost unheard of.  Scott and Kate are what are termed “A Paper” clients, meaning very well qualified credit wise.Needless to say, the owners accepted the respectable yet forbidden offer and we closed in just over 30 days and now the Heinz Family is preparing to add their special touches to this magnificent home.  I think you would agree with me that Real Estate is bit art and science