We sold our house in San Francisco and bought a new one in Walnut Creek in two months, and it couldn’t have happened without a caring and competent realtor on both ends. Darryll Whaley was our help on the Walnut Creek side, and his wisdom and experience guided us graciously. Before we were even ready to buy he spent time with us just looking so he could understand what we wanted and needed in a new home (sometimes you get that by figuring out what you don’t want as well as what you do!). Darryll used what he learned to save us time when we were ready to buy, by showing us places that could be a good fit.

When we found the right house, we all knew it–and he guided the negotiations so that we ended up with a satisfying out come for both us and the sellers. We are glad to warmly recommend Darryll for his caring and competence.

Janie-Sue Wertheim