I believe our coming together with Darryll Whaley was too weird to have been anything but divine intervention. I sent Darryll an email about one of his listings at 10:30 one evening, he emailed back and said he would let me know if anything changed on the listing and asked if I was working with anyone. I called him at nearly 11PM that night after reading all about his experience and the great testimonials…I read everyone of them!! I explained that we really needed someone who was assertive, pro-active and easy to talk to and asked if he thought he was our guy. We laughed and he explained that yes he was definitely “that guy”. Well I can confirm that Darryll was all that and more. He stayed up with us that night until nearly 2AM writing an offer on what we now call Our First Home . Darryll was professional, patient, knowledgeable, fun and someone we look forward to keeping as our agent and our friend. Thank you Darryll for being “that guy” for us!!

Ian & Cheyney Butler