As a first time home buyer and moving to a highly competitive market in the East Bay the thought of owning and purchasing a home was at times overwhelming and seemed out of reach. My wife and I were naive and had no previous experience of going through the process. We have witnessed other couples who went through the process with other agents only to bite off more than they could chew. Darryll Whaley was the perfect agent for us at a time when we entered into the market. Darryll not only knows his trade, but takes the time to teach you through the process, especially for those purchasing a home the first time. There were so many questions we had, and when he could have taken advantage of our lack of knowledge, but Darryll took the time to make sure we fully comprehended everything we were doing. The result: my wife and I are now owners of our first home and we truly are pleased with the home and the service we received. Darryll cares for those he represents and I could not recommend a more competent agent for your next home purchase than Mr. Darryll Whaley.

Glenn Tatum