I want to go on record as a satisfied house buyer using Darryll Whaley as my broker. Darryll went way beyond the normal duties of a broker. He helped to make me comfortable with the whole process. I’m disabled so I have some special needs. He was able to anticipate those needs and how they would be met at my new place. He actually took a major part in helping me to choose my new home. He picked me up over and over and drove me to the many, many homes for sale till we found just that right one. We prayed, strategized and speculated about the purchase. Darryll was right with me the whole way. He caulked my old house windows as to get a better value at the time of assessment, he helped me move and he gave me vital referrals so repairs and clean-up were done well and timely. He earned his pay and then some! I would use him again in a heart-beat.

Brian D. Petersen